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Ayurveda, hygiene, lifestyle and diet are crucial to good health. To attain good health, Ayurveda prescribes the daily routine and the seasonal regime.
The daily regime or routine is called “Dinacharya” in Sanskrit. ‘Din’ means 'day' and ‘acharya’ means 'to follow' or 'close to'. According to Ayurveda to maintain a healthy and disease free life one should follow a daily routine or schedule. It is important to follow a daily regime in order to be optimally healthy. Dinacharya is one of the best things that you can do to prevent disease, stay in balance and treat almost every illness. The Ayurvedic Rishis (Saints) considered daily routine to be a stronger healing force than any other medicine.


The daily practices to be carried out to promote health.

Activities Description Indicated for
Prat Uthan
(waking up) 
Getting up in Brahma muhoortham means 2 hours before sunrise.  Brahma muhoortham is the suitable time to acquire Brahma or jnanam (knowledge). 
Mala-moothra Pravarthanam
(defaecation & micturition)  
Perform these, whenever the urge comes naturally. Do not inhibit or stimulate these urges.  To make the body systems clean and to expel the waste materials. 
Soucham  After defecation clean the organs with pure water.  Cleaning. 
Dantha dhavanam
(Cleaning the teeth)  
Clean the teeth with 12 fingers long, straight, sharp one end crushed fibrous root, which is taken from herbs having astringent, hot and bitter tastes like Calotropis gigantia. Ficus bengalensis, Acacia catechu, Pongamia glabra etc. Then massage the gums with an herbal powder mixed with honey. This is to be done especially in the morning and after every food intake.  To make the teeth and gums clean & healthy. 
Jihwa nirlekhanam
(Cleaning the tongue) 
Clean the tongue with a thin 10 finger long spatula made of gold, silver, copper or soft wood or leaf. This is to be done only in the morning.  To make the tongue clean. 
Mukha dhavanam
(Washing the face & mouth) nbsp;
Wash the face, mouth, eyes, ear and nose, with cold water in hot season and Luke warm water in cold season.  Cleansing to impart freshness. 
(Use of collyrium) 
Apply the preparation of collyrium viz. souveeranjanam daily in both eyes. Apply the anjanam called Rasnjanam every 7th day.  Improves visual power, protects the eyes from Kapha Dosha. 
(Nasal drops)  
Apply nasal drops prepared using oils, viz. Anuthailam.  For healthy head, shoulders & chest, sense organs. Also prevents wrinkles, baldness & discolorations. 
Gargling with oils, decoctions, honey, milk, water etc.  For healthy mouth, teeth, tongue, gums and lips.  
(Inhalation of medicinal fumes)  
Burning herbal medicines and inhaling the fumes.  To make the head, sense organs & respiratory system clean and healthy. 
Thamboola Charvanam
Chewing betel leaves with spices.  To impart freshness in mouth. 
(Care for hair, nails, etc.) 
Shaving, nail cutting, maintenance of hair, etc. on time.  For proper hygiene and good appearance. 
Apply oil all over the body especially on head, ear and feet and gently massage.  Reduces fatigue & ailments associated with ageing. For healthy eyes, sound sleep, longevity and nourishment. 
Carrying out exercises daily using half the physical strength of the person till sweating.  For lightness of body, provides strength, improves digestive power & reduces obesity. 
(Massage with powders) 
Massage with herbal powder opposite to the direction of hair growth.  To provide strength to organs and health to skin. Reduces excessive Kapha, imparts sturdy body, proper functions of organs and comely skin. 
Take bath with Luke warm water or wash the head with boiled and cooled water only.  Improves digestion, longevity, energy to keep the body clean & healthy. 
(Use of perfumes) 
Apply perfumes made out of herbal materials.  For pleasing the mind. 
(Use of flowers/ ornaments) 
Use ornaments and flowers according to the culture of the society.  For pleasing the mind. 
Dress neatly.  For pleasing the mind. 
Dress neatly.  For pleasing the mind. 

Here is how you can increase your stamina- the natural way.
Increase you magnesium intake
Handful of almonds, hazelnuts and cashews, fish, fulfills your magnesium needs
Walk around
Increase in physical activity, particularly walking, increases energy level
Power nap
15 - 20 minutes of ‘Power Nap’ help us to better retain what we have learned and better health
Don’t skip breakfast
Going without breakfast may increase your stress levels and make you more emotionally volatile. You get an energy boost if you have daily breakfast.
Reduce stress
It leads to one being a happier person, better relationships and a longer life
Drink more water and less alcohol
Slight dehydration can leave you feeling tired and lethargic
Eat more whole grains and less sugar
This is particularly important to boost energy after exercise, when your body is likely to be craving fluids
Have a power snack
Eating more whole grains helped increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin, allowing for that slow and steady release. Power snacking is more than just eating between meals.
Make it a latte
Milk turns your java into a protein drink, which provides not only extra energy, extra calcium is good for your bones.
Get plenty of rest
A good night's rest should leave you refreshed, energized, and focused, ensuring that you'll be able to physically give your all.