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Ayurveda Training Course

Our aim

Kerala Ayurveda Kendra aims to provide a comprehensive professional training for those aspiring students of Ayurveda. Kerala Ayurveda Kendra invites you to embark on a journey into the world of Ayurveda. We ensure that it is in this ancient, harmonious and holistic healthcare science that you will discover your natural potential for wellness and learn the tools to maintain health in all facets of living.

Ayurveda in Today’s scenario

Ayurveda is the eternal Vedic science of life, and the traditional natural healing system of India. Today, Ayurveda is at the forefront of mind-body medicines. Ayurveda has spread far beyond its traditional base and is gaining attention throughout the world. Ayurveda, with its understanding of life and consciousness, will become the medicine of the future. The globalization of Ayurveda is also helped it to be in the mainstream of world medicine. With The fast-growing global order, all knowledge of Ayurveda is now known throughout the world. People are interested to know more about it and also practice it as a complementary medicine throughout the world. Thus there is a need for good authentic training program on Ayurveda for those aspiring students.

Why Kerala Ayurveda Kendra for training?

Courses offered by our center are one of the best offered today on the subject of Ayurveda and Panchakarma, which gives sufficient theoretical Knowledge as well as practical training. Our courses are specially designed by a group of skilled Ayurvedic Scholars with many innovative features like Multimedia Presentations, Well explained Teaching notes on the subject and so on. Our doctors are well experienced in the field of Ayurvedic teaching and they know how to present the subject as most of the students are coming with hardly any base on Ayurveda. Theory sessions and practical training are handled by doctors and is committed to the philosophy of the student-centered approach to help them learn properly. We offer different certification programs which are available through our classroom centers and online distant learning. On the sides keep online & in-house courses.

In House Courses

Ayurveda Basics for beginners
Ayurveda Massage Practice
Ayurveda Panchakarma
Ayurveda Beauty Care
Ayurveda Diet & Nutrition
Ayurveda approach for Lifestyle
Identification of herbs & preparation of Ayurvedic medicines
Ayurveda woman & child care
Ayurveda & Yoga

Online Courses

Short courses- 1 month
Comprehensive courses- 3 months
Advance courses- 6 months
Customized short courses- 1 month