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Ayurveda Consultation

At Kerala Ayurveda Kendra our wellness consultation is an in-depth session to help address your health concerns with imbalance, chronic medical condition and wellness perspective. We can help you with the most appropriate advise in the most practical and effective way.
Naming a disease is not important thing in Ayurveda. But diagnosing it in the terms of involved factors, location, and their degree of involvement etc has paramount relevance. This is the reason we always make our best of the efforts in reaching to the diagnosis of any illness and then explain the same to our patients in depth to deepen their knowledge about it.
“Proper diagnosis is most important for right treatment”
In a preliminary holistic health consultation we review all aspects of your health including your body type, tongue & pulse, bio-physical features (such as Dosha, Dhatu, Agni, Satva, Bala) health condition, supplements and medication and other treatment program you are on. An effective, practical and tailored program using relevant features of nutrition, lifestyle, yoga, pranayam, medication, treatment program and rejuvenation practice is designed.
We have a team of expert Vaidya who are dedicated and committed to provide you the best and proper solution for your health. You can opt for any of our following consultation services.

  • Personal Consultation
  • Online Consultation
  • Telephonic Consultation
  • Skype Consultation

Personal Consultation

A face to face consultation is always best if you are living nearby or able to come to center in person.

Online Consultation

This facility allows you to interact with us and get your health solution just with a click, when you are far from us. You have to fill a form with detailed description of the ailments and we will respond back with an email. It will be having thorough medicinal prescription, Ayurveda therapies if needed and diet & lifestyle recommendation.
This is our free service.

Telephonic Consultation

When you are far away from clinic and need a health solution, telephonic consultation is best. As this consultation is equally productive and saves time, money & stress.
Prior appointment and payment is required for this consultation.

Skype Consultation

If you are tech savvy, a Skype consultation brings the convenience to you. Ayurveda Skype consultation with our expert physician is the most easier and accessible way of making Ayurveda consultation. For most of the people who don’t have an Ayurveda physician nearby but wish to connect them then Ayurveda consultation via Skype is the most convenient way.