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Ayurveda Training

Kerala Ayurveda Kendra is committed to provide you the highest quality Ayurveda training programs. Training programs vary from one-to-one Gurukula style teaching and coaching, to internship programs with groups of advanced Ayurveda students, both from India and abroad. We organize training programs on different aspects of Ayurveda both at the beginners and advanced level for common people as well as health professionals. We offer trainings in different Ayurveda therapies for anyone who is interested in acquiring these skills. The programs are custom-designed to suit individual requirements. Themes can vary, but both theory and practice will be always combined to deepen clinical understanding.
We have designed the courses with highly practical approach. These courses are useful for who want to grab in depth knowledge of Ayurveda and its various techniques and therapies. Our training curriculum includes practical training; expert lectures by highly qualified physicians and teachers, individual demonstration of different therapies and procedures on trainee him/herself. We provide complete training material including books, herbs and oils without any extra charges.

Our training methodology

The classes will be conducted for five days in a week with both the theory class and practical session. Regular assessments will be given to evaluate your performance. You can also attend our yoga classes during your training program. Whenever possible, excursion tours will be conducted on Saturday.
The classes will be arranged 5 days a week, 4 hours a day. There shall be two sessions for the training program- a theory session for and a practical session.

Our courses

Ayurveda Basics for beginners  : -   1-2 weeks 
Ayurveda Massage Practice  : -   2 weeks 
Ayurveda Panchakarma  : -   2-4 weeks 
Ayurveda Beauty Care  : -   1 weeks 
Ayurveda Diet & Nutrition  : -   1-2 weeks 
Ayurveda approach for Lifestyle  : -   1 week 
Identification of herbs & preparation     
of Ayurvedic medicines  : -   1-2 weeks 
Ayurveda woman & child care  : -   1-2 weeks 
Ayurveda & Yoga  : -   1 week 

Special features

Our Special features for Ayurveda training course are:

  • One - to - one training.
  • Fully customized training program.
  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors.
  • Course commencement dates according to your convenience.
  • Learning through doing everyday - Practical Training.
  • Nominal fees structure with no hidden charges for oils, herbs and course material.
  • Practical exposure of Ayurveda therapies on self, personalized demonstration.
  • Supportive & friendly staff, facilitating a good work environment.
  • Assistance in arranging accommodation and food (with prior notice) near our center in good hotel as per your budget.
  • Free pick up and drop facility.
  • 15% discount on Ayurveda detoxification and rejuvenation treatment at our center during training.
  • Certificate upon completion of the program.
  • FREE study material.
  • Attractive discount for group training.

About the Faculty

Our Academy is proud to have expert & experienced faculty members who have vast knowledge of Ayurveda. Students will also get benefit from the staff’s vast clinical understanding.

Special offers

  • We organize special Ayurveda Seminars for guests.
  • Special discount offer for group of more than 5 students.

Our Courses

Ayurveda Beauty Care (1 weeks)

  • Introduction of Ayurveda, History of Ayurveda.
  • Fundamentals of Ayurveda.
  • Tridosha Concept.
  • Panchamahabhuta concept.
  • Skin & hair Ayurveda perspective.
  • Diet and lifestyle for healthy & beautiful body.
  • Simple beauty tips & home remedies.
  • Padabhyagam (Foot massage).
  • Siroabhayanga (Head massage).
  • Face massage & facial.
  • Back massage.
  • Abhayangam (Body massage).
  • Udwartanam (Powder massage with medicinal powder).
  • Pedicure & manicure.

Ayurveda Massage Practice (2 weeks)

  • Introduction of Ayurveda, History of Ayurveda.
  • Fundamentals of Ayurveda.
  • Tridosha concept.
  • Panchamahabhuta concept.
  • Sapta Dhatu (Seven basic elements), Mala (Waste of body).
  • Agni (Digestive fire).
  • Types of Ayurvedic massages with procedures of different massages.
  • Abhyangam (Body massage).
  • Udwarthanam (Powder massage with medicinal powders).
  • Sirodhara.
  • Marma abhayangam.
  • Ayurvedic facial & face massage.
  • Padabhyanga (Foot massage).
  • Siroabhayangam (Head massage).
  • Elakizhi/Potli massage (Bolus bag massage with medicinal leaves).

Ayurveda Panchakarma & bodywork (2-4 weeks)

  • Introduction.
  • History of Ayurveda.
  • Fundamentals of Ayurveda – basic fundamental principles like Tridosha concept, Panchamahabhuta concept, concept of Dhatu, Agni etc.
  • Basic principles of Panchakarma – (Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Vasti and Rakthamoksha), preparations of medicines needed for each process, their procedure and their application according to the nature of the disease.
  • Concept of body, mind and soul.
  • Dinacharya (routine activities according to Ayurveda), Ritucharya (seasonal regimen), Rathricharya (night regimen).
  • Types of Ayurvedic massages: Procedures of different massages like Elakizhi (bolus bag massage with medicinal leaves), Navara kizhi (bolus bag massage with medicinal rice), Abhyangam (Oil massage), Pizhichil (Oil bath), Podikizhi (bolus bag massage with medicinal powder), Udwarthanam (powder massage with medicinal powder), Sirodhara, etc.
  • Marma – the vital body points and its importance.
  • Abhyangam (Body massage).
  • Face massage and facial.
  • Udwarthanam (Powder massage with medicinal powder).
  • Padabhyanga (Foot massage).
  • Siroabhayangam (Head massage).
  • Kerala Specialty Massages

  • Elakizhi (Bolus bag massage with medicinal leaves).
  • Navarakizhi (Bolus bag massage with medicinal rice).
  • Podikizhi (Bolus bag massage with medicinal powder).
  • Pizhichil (Oil bath).
  • Sirodhara (Thailadhara, Ksheeradhara).
  • Marma massage.
  • Nasyam.
  • Tharpanam.
  • Karnapooranam.
  • Greeva Vasti, Kadi Vasti, Janu Vasti.

Identification of herbs & preparation of Ayurvedic medicines (1-2 weeks)

  • Introduction of Bhaishajya kalpana (Pharmacology).
  • Fundamental principles of Dravyaguna (Herbology).
  • Panchapadartha- Rasa, guna, virya, vipaka, karma and prabhava.
  • Detail study of herbs-Family, Botanical name, English name, Morphology, Qualities, Functions, Indications.
  • Aushdham (Medicine) and its classifications.
  • Ausadha kalpana (Formulation).
  • Dosage, mode of administration, adjuvant, time of administration.
  • Basic formulations preparation (Panch kashaya kalpana)-Swarasa, Kalka, Shruth, Shita, Phanta.
  • Extended formulations for medicinal use-Choorna, Gutika, Rasakriya, Ksheerapaka etc.
  • Formulation for external use-Lepa, Upnaha, Malhara, dhupa.
  • Sneha kalpana.
  • Identification of herbs and their uses.
  • Identification of spices and its uses in common ailments.

Ayurveda Diet & Nutrition (1-2 weeks)

  • When, where, what and how to eat?.
  • Definition of health.
  • Importance of digestion and regulating digestive system.
  • Cooking for 5 senses and 6 tastes.
  • How to enhance nutrient absorption with simple techniques.
  • Recipes of simple & nutritious meals.
  • Spices and its role in food.
  • Customs & Manners of eating in Ayurveda.
  • Theory and preparation of diet for three constitutions.
  • Ayurvedic Diet for common diseases.
  • Identification of all six tastes, general introduction of Indian cuisine & spices in kitchen.
  • Preparation of Ayurvedic formulations like panaka, aushadh sidh paniya.
  • Yusha, Peya, Vilepi, Yavagu, Krishra, Takra (Preparation of classical Ayurveda recipes).
  • Simple Recipes for main course, snacks & deserts.
  • Healthy & tasty recipes for children, old age persons & ill persons.

Ayurveda & Yoga (1 week)

  • Ayurveda & Yoga.
  • Basics principles of Ayurveda.
  • Ayurveda for healthy living.
  • Basic aspects & fundamentals of Yoga.
  • Asanas, its importance & action for body.
  • Different meditation methods.
  • Yoga therapy to prevent various ailments.
  • Abhayangam (Body massage).
  • Padabhyagam (Foot massage).
  • Back massage.
  • Siroabhyangam (Head massage).
  • Yoga asana postures demonstration.
  • Pranayam & meditation.

Ayurveda approach for lifestyle (1 week)

  • Introduction of Ayurveda.
  • Objectives and principles of Ayurveda.
  • Day to day routine & seasonal routine, social, personal protocol.
  • Body Constitution, balance (Prakriti) and imbalance (Vikriti) in Ayurveda.
  • Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle according to Dosha type.
  • Padabhyagam (Foot massage).
  • Siroabhayangam (Head massage).
  • Face massage & facial.
  • Back massage.
  • Abhayangam (Body massage).
  • Udwartanam (Powder massage with medicinal powder).

Ayurveda basics for beginners (1-2 weeks)

  • Introduction to Ayurveda.
  • History of Ayurveda & classical texts.
  • Branches of Ayurveda.
  • Five elements (Panchamahabhuta).
  • Ayurvedic Physiology (Dosha, Dhatu, Malas).
  • Detailed description of Tri Dosha.
  • Seven basic elements (Dhatu).
  • Natural wastes and their functions (Malas).
  • Padabhyagam (Foot massage).
  • Siroabhayangam (Head massage).
  • Face massage & facial.
  • Back massage.
  • Abhayangam (Body massage).
  • Udwartanam (Powder massage with medicinal powder).
  • Elakizhi/ Potli massage (Bolus bag massage with medicinal leaves).

Ayurveda woman & child care (1-2 weeks)

  • Why women are special?
  • Menstrual cycle.
  • Periods of female life.
  • The three body types of women.
  • Diet Regimen for the Three Doshas.
  • Menstrual disorders and their causes.
  • Common Gynecological Disorders and their Ayurveda treatment.
  • Introduction to Kaumarabhritya (Pediatrics).
  • Shishuposhana (Nutritional Aspects including Neonatal feedings).
  • Praasam (Tonics & immunization for child).
  • Sanskar (Cultural Ceremonies).
  • Teething in child.
  • Daily & seasonal regimen.
  • Ayurveda Home remedies for children (Common ailments).
  • Baby massage.
  • Abhayangam (Body massage).
  • Face massage & facial.
  • Back massage.
  • Padabhyagam (Foot massage).
  • Udwartanam (Powder massage with medicinal powder).
  • Demonstration of simple home remedies for babies.
  • Healthy recipes for babies.