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I have high praise for the abhyanga massage training I received in mid 2014 at Doctor Sharma's Kerala Ayurvedic Kendra. The training of 35 hrs over 14 days (28hrs practical/7 hrs theory) has considerably boosted my massage skills and base knowledge. The cost was very reasonable for such a well-directed tuition program. I am pleased to recommend Doctor Sharma and his charming colleagues to any person wishing to expand their knowledge of massage principles and the benefits of using various herbalised oils to enhance client outcomes.
Visited June 2014


Do the practice was a dream come true to me all like the clinic both staff and the doctor was very good to us impeccable facilities and staff can only say thank you for everything and when you can volvere.


Learning Ayurveda beside Mr. Sharma for seven days has been enriching. The daily monitoring, theory classes and the practices are very professional. It has been wonderful to work in his clinic in Jaipur, I learned many ways to enhance the lives of others in my country, Spain. Thanks again for all the expertise and dedication.


It was a great success making the decision to finish my training Ayurvedic massage making practices at the clinic of Dr. Sharma. I liked the close and professional treatment received, always aware of the learner understand and willing to answer any questions, very didactic and clear. A note also the team of good professionals with great dedication and love for what they do, and they certainly know convey. Highly recommended also for those who simply want to enjoy a massage or treatment of this ancient medicine. I will repeat for sure!
Visited December 2012


Very nice ayurveda Center! Fantastic team! Exellent doctor! Ayurveda course exellent! Very nice people!

Linda & Other, USA

Overall, I had a fruitful experience with the Kerala Ayurveda Kendra. I feel that now I have a basic understanding, basic Ayurvedic history, theories and procedures such as sirodhara, pizhichil, nasyam. Dr. Sharma combined well the theoretical and practical aspects of ayurvedic procedures.
I enjoyed how we were able to be the participants of the procedures as well as observers and practitioners. By being a participant of a specific ayurvedic treatment, i was able to truly feel the effects rather than simply to observe them. I also felt by carrying out face, head, neck, shoulder, and back massages. I was able to see that this is truly an art form, not simply actions. I learned how it requires skills of applying pressure and build-up of hand muscles.
Additionally, our Ayurveda practicum has made me view health even more holistically. As (hopefully) a future public health practitioner, I realized through this practicum how much my own views of health, disease and how treatment are truly "western" in nature. This practicum expanded my ideas of the factors involved in health and how those factors can be manipulated to treat disease. I have left ayurveda with a particular appreciation towards the use of massage and oils as a form of health treatment.
Thanks again for the experience and introduction to Ayurveda.

Ameilia Hays & Darlina Goldak, New York, USA

We had a great experience with Dr. Sharma at Kerala Ayurveda Kendra. In treating such a vast subject, Dr. Sharma gave us a comprehensive and useful understanding of Ayurvedic living and treatments. The staff and massages were great - we will definitely be back !

Jean Michel Henric, FRANCE

Fantastic experience !
Dr. Sharma showed me the operations of the center for 2 weeks from the basics of Ayurveda to practical of the different therapies. Himself and his experienced staff were always available, very kind and helpful in demonstrating and teaching the techniques.
Now I feel confident in opening a SPA in Europe and offering ayurvedic massages in the traditional way.
A sincere and big THANK YOU to all of you at the Kerala Ayurveda Kendra.

Owen Mortimer, London, UK

The course was very well structured with a strong emphasis on practical sessions with different masseurs, from whom I was able to learn a wide range of strokes. The atmosphere at the centre is very welcoming whilst also highly professional - a perfect environment to study. I would definitely consider further training at Kerala Ayurveda Kendra if I return to Jaipur.

Jason Anthony Inniss, MIAMI, FLORIDA - USA

Thank you for the wonderful experience I had training in Ayurvedic massage at your clinic. Everyone at the clinic was so patient in showing me all the proper procedures and stroke techniques regarding this beautiful form of massage therapy. Also the information you shared with me regarding theory and historical scientific philosophy behind Ayurveda was very insightful and has given me a deeper appreciation for the practice of Ayurveda. Such a nice learning experience to arrive every morning at the clicnic and be greeted by such a warm welcoming staff of smiling face. Everyone treated me with such respect and kindness. I have never experience a massage like the one I received at the Kerala Ayurveda clinic. My body felt new and was able to rest so much easier after receiving a full body, head and face massage with your therapist Suresh. Again thank you for sharing with and teaching me Ayurvedic massage. I will never forget this experience.



Kerala Ayurvedic Kendra has saved me many times !! The first time I went there with a chronic and quite severe case of hives - I had had them for over 6 months, and tried various treatments in the US, including seeing an allergist. At that time I was able to only control them with some anti-histamines (Zyrtec) - but was also totally dependent on them.
I happened to come across kerala ayurveda kendra while walking in Jaipur - went in and saw Dr. Mahendra Sharma. He talked to me for a few minutes and said he would fix my problem and it would take couple of months. He gave me some medicines - and while these were crazily bitter to take - I started them right away and started noticing a difference within 10 days. I was able to start tapering off my Zyrtec and was totally off it within a month. And definitely hives-free in two months.
The next time I consulted him - over email and phone - in 2007. I had severe arthritis and pain in several joints. I had seen multiple doctors including rheumatologists and it was clear that this was an immune system disorder (and, now it appears, so is my hives). The doctors were prescribing some really nasty medication, for life, and with no guarantee of success. It was clear to me that there was something fundamental in the body that needed to be fixed, and that ayurveda (and diet - because the problem had to do with food and digestive system) was the answer.
I emailed Dr. Sharma, and after a couple of discussions he set me off on a course of treatment. At the time I started this I was in deep distress and pain. Within two weeks life was better, and it took about 4 months with some ups and downs (mostly ups though, very gradual progress) to become better. Besides the ayurvedic medicines sent by Dr. Sharma I was also on strictly controlled diet -- no citrus, no sugar, no gluten, wheat or other flour, and no dairy. I ate a lot of salmon, berries, apples, nuts, green vegetables (spinach, chard, mustard), tons of ginger and turmeric, and most of all a lot of moong beans cooked in various forms. I have maintained some sort of dietary control over the years - though definitely looser than what I did those months. (I have some multi grain bread, dairy, occasional desserts ...)
In December 2013 I developed a severe case of hives again - the kind where the itch is so intense you forget everything else around you. And with some other oddities - feeling intensely hot while having body temperature as low as 93.5 degrees. After suffering these for 3 weeks, seeing my PCP and trying various medicines, I emailed my symptoms to Dr. Sharma, and he prescribed a similar course as in my previous hives. Within a week, the intensity of itching and visible hives were both gone. Improvement continued the following weeks and by week 4 I could discontinue the medicines and have been fine since then.
I am so thankful to Ayurveda, to Kerala Ayurvedic Kendra, and to Dr. Mahendra Sharma.
Visited December 2013


I need to say how important it has been that I had treatments from this centre.
I'm really so aware that my life and my attitude has changed since I had the doctor's insights and medicines, Aachi's massage and advice, and Lissy's wonderful healings.
I was ok about the nakedness and the feeling of being cared for by another woman. Kind of a sweet, traditional sisterhood to it. Sometimes I asked to be covered with a towel and because the girls understand us westerners, they immediately oblige. I had a series of 6 treatments over 2 weeks, each tailored for how I was progressing on the day. Then I had a few extra! The cost was minimal compared to Australia and incredibly effective. I think the addition of SIRODHARA (warm oil streamed onto forehead) helped me release a lot of ingrained negative thinking, along with old useless patterns of behaviour.
Visited May 2013

Dr. Mekhala Devi Natavar Professor, Duke University, Durham, N.C., USA

This institute was highly recommended by my friends who had also been treated and found relief from their illnesses. I have been in pain for the past few year due to a car accident. I have been suffering from a ripped rotatar cuff, bursitus of the biceps, tendinitus and neck pain. For this I had been receiving massages & physical therapy for 10 months in the USA, with no results. I had heard of Kerala Ayurveda Kendra and decided to fly to India to get treatment. Though I only received treatment for 10 days, I experienced a 75% improvement in my condition. I will definitely come back & I recommend others to come too.


I lost 13 pounds in 2 week treatment with Kerala Ayurveda Kendra. Now I feel much lighter & active. Thanks Dr. Sharma

Abele Quaregna & Cinzia Gillono, ITALY

Thank you a lot. Great massage. Great experience. in Italy you just cannot find something like this. Wonderful massage.

Hosanna Delinares & Miguel Angel Diego, MEXICO

It's the best massage we ever had. Really relaxing.